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What an amazing night. Lunattack in concert in the Halle424 in Hamburg

Sep. 2016

We are very pleased with our first great experience “Lunattack in concert”. It has been a wonderful night! Thank you very much to all the people who showed us their support and affection in the Halle424 in Hamburg.

Photography by Roy Coaster. Video impressions by David Madry and Arnaldo González.

Songs composition and writing: Lone Kent.

Song Writing and concert production: James Snow.

Video Art Design: Arnaldo González .

Co directing and videos playback: Christopher Sivertsen.

Guitare: Lone Kent.

Drums: Sébastien Gisbert.

Bass: Fred Cash.

Violin: Ian Mardon.

Video Projection: Neuman und Müller, Jens Gießler, Klaus Ostermeyer.

Face Mapping: Das Integral, Martin Sambauer.

Light Design: Candela, Ingo Piesker.

Sound Engineering: Ivo Vossen.

Venue Design: Halle 424 – Jürgen Carstensen.

Video recording and cameras: David Madry and Arnaldo González.

All great support of Birgit Missal and Swen Kählert.

Founder/ Producer, co-composing and vocals: Barbara Duchow.

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