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Lunattack "Pont Neuf" Album Release Concert First Stage Theater Hamburg

Oct. 2017

Lunattack´s "Pont Neuf" LP Release Concert Hamburg 2017 was an amazing night. We are very grateful for the visit of our wonderful Hamburg audience. We are very pleased too to support "Doctors without Borders" with all sales releases during the show.  Thank you to all of the First Stage Theater Team for this great chance.

Backstage Manager: Leia Wendling

Production Assistant and Artist Support: Elisabeth Spreitzhofer

Back up: James Snow

Production Management: Alexander Plein

Production Design:  Barbara Duchow

Visuals Art, Multi Media, Graphic Design and Social Media: Arnaldo González

Facebook Live Streaming: Andrea González

Performances: Jiska Morgenthal and Jens Krassnik

Musical Director, Keyboards und Electrosounds: Julian Laping

Guitar: Jens Fricke

Drums: Emre Akca

Bass: Fred Cash

Violin: Ian Mardon

Light: Ingo Pieker and Lars Herrfurth

Sound: Ivo Vossen

Video-Operator: Maximilian Reinhard

Costumes: Birgit Missal

Make up: Andreea Lonita

Hair: Halit Hairlit

Vocals: Barbara Duchow

Label: Pussy Empire Recordings, Catharina Boutari

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